Best deal for SONY AG9 65” OLED

Posted 29th Dec 2019
Hi all, I have been umming and ahhing for months over which tv to buy and have plumped for the AG9. I am happy with this decision but now have to decide where is best to purchase. I think these are the two best options:


With cash back, price comes down to £2,495 including free bracket and 7year warranty, as well as 12 months Netflix


If paying via Quidco, will receive 12% cash back which takes price down to £2,419 with 5 year guarantee included

Although the latter seems best price wise, I plan to take up the 12 month free credit option. Will this affect any offers from either supplier? Will Quidco still work?

Or is someone else able to find a better option to suit?

Any advice greatly appreciated.

Thanks All!!!
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Hey there, just thought I would weigh in here That seems to be fine in the T&Cs (Some retailers don't give cashback for this sort of issue), you'd just need to make sure that you don't reduce the overall purchase cost too -Joseph (
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