Best deal for USB-modem Data Package these days?

    I'm contemplating getting a low-end data plan so I can get online anywhere with my laptop. I'd like to pay under £10/month if possible and have heard of some £7.50 deals but often with catches (need to be an existing customer, billion year contract, etc.)

    I'd be using it for chat / browsing and of course resisting all urges to download just about anything on what would probably be a 1-3gb monthly cap. I'd just need the USB-modem.

    I don't have any mobile contracts in order to get reduced prices like the £7.50 on 3 I think I saw the other week (just use Blyk + Orange PAYG).

    Any recommendations / experiences with companies would help a lot!

    Cheers crew!


    I heard about a pay as you go one, but can't remember who it was from.

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