Best deal on 360 Upgrades? (HDD / Controller)

I have a core console, but I'm looking to upgrade it to what would be the premium or elite version. So looking for a 20 / 120gb HDD (New or Pre-Owned, don't mind) and a Wired or Wireless controller, if wireless, must include some way of charging (Again, new or pre-owned) I understand there are alot of deals out there for these things, but I just don't know what exactly to look for, getting confused with battery packs or AA's and stuff.

Any help is much appreciated!



Your best bet is probably to look for a hard disk on ebay. Unless you intend to download lots of media content I wouldn't bother about a 120gb hd as they're around £110-£130 at the moment.

New 20gb hard disks are around £45 and new wireless controllers around £23. Don't worry too much about charging the batteries for the wireless controller - you can buy a battery charger and AA rechageables - you don't have to get a plug & play kit.

Have you thought about buying a new premium and selling your core?

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Thing is, my core has been opened up i believe. I bought it pre owned and the warrenty sticker was gone. So I don't think I'd sell it on to anyone, Just in case there are any problems with it you know?

Cheers for the help with the wireless controller, where can I get the one for £23 and the 20gb HDD for £45?

Your help is much appreciated, my stepdad just bought a load of cheap xbox 1 games and is gutted he can't play them because you need a HDD to play them on 360, for some very wierd reason!


wireless controllers

£21.98 del (or summit liek that)


Thanks Vengod :thumbsup:

The other option is the wireless controller with Forza 2 for £30 from Shopto

The prices of the hard drives were I think £45 ish if you froogle, and I'm sure I saw a deal with Google checkout which has probably expired now. Cheapest I can find is PC World £55

You need the hard drive to play the xbox 1 games as you have to download some software from the xbox site to run the games and this software is stored on the hard drive.

If you don't have xbox live you can download the file to a PC and burn a CD or DVD and use this to transfer the software to your xbox.

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Thanks for all the help Vengod and gari, you 2 are legends!
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