Best deal on a macbook??

Found 18th Nov 2007

After a white macbook (or possibly similar alternative) and was wondering if there were any good deals out there at the moment. Switching to mac from PC so extras like free office mite be useful.

no particular spec requirements - either white model would be fine but would like new leopard os.

any suggestions??


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Are you or a member of your family in higher education?
If so Apple give good educational discounts on their education site here:


Phone the HE store on the number mentioned to get the Maximum discount.
You will probably save a good £100 + you can buy Applecare for £50 for 3 years peace of mind warranty! Usually £199

If you are not eligeable there is a £20 code somewhere.


also look in the refurbish part at the bottom right of the screen that has a lot of good deals.

macbooks were just upgraded with superior graphics chips and better hard drives etc so refurbs will be slightly older innards but basically the same thing. However, if you want the extra grunt buy from apple through higher education store or call the apple sales line who love to haggle a little haha
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