Best Deal on a PSP Slim?

    Interested in buying a PSP but I'm struggling to find any good deals for one. None of the usual sites I use (Game, Shopto, etc) seem to have anything really that stands out.

    Looking just for a cheap price, maybe bundled with a game or two (God of War, Patapon, Monster Hunter, anything really I'll have a look at). Also, what kind of peripherals am I going to want to get along with it?

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    not many places doing bundles, a few bundles on the above site

    i have never bought anything from this company but they look ok

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    I'd most likely be charged import tax if I ordered from Gadget-Asia though, wouldn't I?

    i've seen on here recently that you can get a refurb psp lite for around £94 ]clicky

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    Is that what I'd be looking for? It's cheap, but the description is a little strange. Don't want to order from Canada and get it wrong :roll:

    ..does canada have import tax though..? The way you mentioned it above, seemed like you didnt really want it.

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    I've used VGP in the past, they mark everything as a gift to avoid the tax.

    well seems like it comes with everything you need.. and you can buy a game relatively cheap from elsewhere.

    There description is just of what the psp is really..thats all.

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    Ok, so I would;

    Buy the PSP from VGP for £90 (although postage is another £20, but it's still the best I can seem to find)
    Buy a memory card from Amazon or whatever I've been looking at ]this
    Buy the games from anywhere I can find em cheap (The PSP is region free, right?)

    That covers everything I think - what do you reckon?

    I actually wasnt sure whether it was region free..but i found ]this. So may just be the umd's (films) that you have to buy elsewhere to match your console.
    Thats my knowledge on the matter anyway.

    Fwibble mentioned ]this psp tho, which does work out cheaper... refurbished items are really good. Almost new (they are seen to and (if needed) mended all properly) i wouldnt worry about that. Its just cheaper, hense me reposting that link for you.

    However, if you choose to go with the one you found, which is good. Then just look into the umd's for films, the games should be ok. The memory card looked ok for that price.. and games you can get quite cheap now. Which i think is better than buying a bulk with a game you might not like..etc

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    Hmm, I'm not really sure I'd want to get a refurbished one really.

    Just seems strange to me that there are absolutely no deals going about for one! Usually theres at least a couple of good prices floating around but I really can't find much at all.

    No i know, but they are still quite sort after.. even the bulk deals i dont think are much of a deal..which is why i think its better to buy one on its own and add your game it it. Well thats what i ussually do anyway...
    and prob with wanting a brand new shinny shinny one
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