Best deal on an iPod Nano 4gb


    I'm looking for the best deal on an iPod Nano.

    Don't mind if it's a refurb, as long as it's in quite decent condition, as it's a present. There was some on the Apple website, but they aren't on there anymore, don't know if there will be some back in or not.

    Thanks people.


    amazon £89 delivered or marketplace seller refurbished by an apple authorised company. £66.94

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    that the best deal then?!


    sainsburys us 99 carphone warehouse is 99. you can get nector points at sinaburys

    i have a 4gb 2nd gen ipod nano and it is great condition comes with everything apart from the actual headphone but i have bought in ear headphones to work with it. It also comes with a speaker system and also a charger and 2 silicone cases clear and black but the only problem is sending these things would cost and arm and a leg so were abouts do you live and i will upload pics soon
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