Best deal on computer cases...

    Hi guys,

    Following my recent explosion of my PSU on my old case I cannot find a small, and powerful PSU unit to fit into the case.

    Therefore, I am looking for a Computer case with a PSU supplied with it.

    I'm looking for the ones with the clear cutaway sides where u can see into the case.

    The best one ive seen is on eBuyer at £15 in beige.

    Do you know of any other places that offer good deals on cases like the one im after?




    Ebay ??

    Original Poster

    I would use ebay, but i dont like the fact that many ppl want to use Paypal, and the charges they use are rediculous..

    If i found an item which would use Nochex .. then I would go for it.


    Original Poster

    well, ive changed my mind now.

    Ive decided to use an old ATX case ive got lying about.

    What im going to do is modify the case, I have purchased an Exhust fan (to stop it over heating), Blue and Green cathodes, and a window cutting kit with perspex.

    It worked out at £10.90 inc. deliv!

    Case Closed,


    ps - for future reference.

    If you buy something from Ebay & pay by Paypal - only the seller incurrs chargers, the buyer just pays for what they won the auction at

    Sorry if I'm too late !
    I've bought 2 cases from and can vouch that both times they were perfectly trustworthy. I can also vouch that they are knowledgable, helpful and happy to speak on the phone.
    This link…tml
    takes you to cases with see through panels.
    From personal experience I wouldn't buy the Viper.
    Xcase has a sibling site that reviews cases and has a really good forum discussing cases (bring your own anorak) and can be found at [url][/url]
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