Best deal on Dell M1330

I have fallen in love with this laptop, although the spec is far above what I actually need!

PC World have it for £779.97 at the moment, and I can do Quidco. Can anyone help me to find a better price please?

Or, can anyone help persuade me that I don;t need a laptop of this spec, as I have a pc that I use for programming etc, I don't play games, and all I really want is a machine for internet browsing, music playing and photo editing that is small and light enough to take on a plane!

Hope someone can help with advice, or suggestions?



There's one on eBay for £499 - £25 del...

Call Dell direct and tell them that you want a great deal on this laptop as you can't justify spending that much on it. Ask them what the best deal that they can come up with is.

There are constant 10% discount codes if you sign up for their newsletter too. They seem to be sending them every week at the moment.

Next month is Dell's end of financial quarter (yes, one month past the calendar quarter) so there will be more chance of a better deal in April. If you don't get the deal you want, hang up and try again as you could get through to a salesperson who needs to shift more gear to make their targets.

Good Luck!!!:thumbsup:

Don't forget that you'll want the Dell Auto/Air power adapter if you want to use it on a plane. This adapter also works to power it from the mains and weighs about half as much as the standard 65W Dell power adapter.

Sorry, that means you'll have to spend even more money now.:oops:

There's a 10% voucher that runs out tonight and if you start with the more expensive configurations then it actually works out cheaper than starting with the basic one and adding due to the up to £100 off which also runs out tonight. I've been dithering about whether to get it or not too.


code: SFFP3Z9BWR$59X

The best price I can get for the model with 2GHz CPU, 2GB RAM, 8400M GS graphics, HD Audio option, 6-cell battery etc is £683.25 delivered. Search the site using the code N03X3305 and add the voucher and extras above and you should get that price.

Then phone them up and say you can get it for that price, but can they do a better deal, worth a shot as I'm trying it tonight!
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