Best deal on extension lead, surge protected, with individually switces.

Found 12th Mar
Hello HUKDealers

i need some help finding the best extension lead, which is surged protected and preferably has individual switches.

i know Masterplug and Belkin to be leading in the market, i need someone to find me a really good deal. Please!! my budget is to be below £12 (or around). and i need 4 sockets.

also can anyone help me to understand the amps. i will have a LG 4K TV, PS4, Xbox one s and a SKY+ HD box, plugged in most of the time i guess, i am unsure about the minimum amps i will need.

Thank you guys!!
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How about this one? Prime too so you can have it by tomorrow assuming you order it in the next few hours and you have an Amazon account w/Prime.…FY9
Oh and also in regards to the amps, I’m pretty sure this is 13 AMP which will be fine for those four devices as they’re not particularly high energy consuming devices. Just don’t have like a kettle, microwave, electric oven and tumble drier plugged into it and switched on all at once and you’ll be fine
CPC - Pro-Ele Extension leads

Had a Pro-Elec one myself for that long I can't even remember when I bought it.

Anywhere from £5.51 upwards. (free 3-5 day del)
£9.06 you will also add 2 USB ports to a 4-way one.

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You're better off with a cheaper pass through surge protector and plug a socket extension into it.. They all eventually die due to MOV failure. Once they MOV light goes out you should bin it.
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