Best deal on plasma

    My friend needs a plasma tv but his budget is really tight, he's hoping to purchase a 42" Full HD with a good brand name i.e Panasonic, Sony, LG or Toshiba for as cheap as possible.

    He's also willing to consider HD ready Tvs if it's excellent value for money at 37" or even 50"

    Anyone know of some deals on these?



    where is the button to create a post, im sure someone will answer ur question soon

    ]THIS one is frequently in/ out of stock @ M&S +5yr warranty. It was all over HUKD a few months back and i kept on missing out. Gave M&S a call and they were adamnt that it was never coming back in stock again due to it being discontinued by 'em. a couple of days later, i was on the site..hit 'refresh' and said ' in stock'! grabbed in like lightening.. it's a fab tele. love it.and a bargain @ 669.

    Saying all that above, someone on here was looking to sell theirs (new,boxed with all paperwork- same tele as in link) for about £630ish- want me to find you linky of the user? he was based in /near london. i would've bought off of him had i not got hold of it from marks..

    I was searching yesterday for a 42" tv for a friend, the best price. The best I got was £439.00 from Dixons, for an LG 42LH2000 with discount code. But if you look on the Tesco website, they are doing the LG 42LH3000 for £499 and double Tesco points, I think thats £100 in points, so you are getting the tv for £399.00,…spx…id=

    Code for Dixons(EXTRA 3% OFF) 3TV

    Good luck.

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