Best Deal: Thomas Land Entry?

2 Adults + 1 4 Year Old..

Best price for entry anytime in May or June


14 is a bit old for a thomas fan!

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currently got it down to £46 for Mam, Dad (Me) and a 4 year old

Dads go free fathers day! June 21st :thumbsup:


currently got it down to £46 for Mam, Dad (Me) and a 4 year oldDads go … currently got it down to £46 for Mam, Dad (Me) and a 4 year oldDads go free fathers day! June 21st :thumbsup:

sounds a good deal to me:thumbsup:

we just took our 4 year old depends how sneeky you want to be my son looks older than his years but we got his dad to get our tickets and we did the adult and todler for £15 and then brought a normal adult ticket so came to £40 the ticket attendants dont look we been going for years

I assume you mean ThomasLand at Drayton Manor park.

Of course there is no entrance fee as such for ThomasLand, it is free once you get in Drayton Manor park.

Note this ticket below for £15 (which a lot of people miss) - as Keli pointed out above. With one adult ticket at £25 and this ticket at £15 the three of your can get in for £40 (if you pretend he is under 4).

Adult & Toddler (under 4 years)* £15.00
*Ticket Available only during Staffordshire Term Time (Monday - Friday only 21st March- 3rd April; 20th April – 22nd May; 1st June – 30th June; 8th September – 23rd October)


Can I also say that although ThomasLand is excellent, it is also fairly small and the rides are fairly small.

On a busy day the queues can get quite big and the children can get very frustrated.

Try to go on a quiet day (school time midweek for example) and you will probalby be able to get on most of the Thomas rides with ease.

You can also get Drayton Manor tickets if you have a Tesco club card


For some reason this is in the "Computers" topic so some people may miss it.
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