Best "Deal" Time of Year

    I'm curious - when is the time of year when the most/best deals tend to appear. Obviously Jan is popular but when it comes to bargain Crimble shopping is it better to do it now or wait till closer to Xmas?


    Big events are always popular, just look at the World Cup that was about the biggest it gets. Shame it's only every 4 years
    [*]January/New Year clearances
    [*]Bank Holidays
    [*]May is sometimes good especially for Home/Garden things[/LIST]

    Things are expensive near Christmas because the shops know people will be buying presents, however at the same time shops will be competing with each other for your custom, so really it can't be predicted. If you see something you want to buy someone as a present at a good price before Christmas, buy it. Otherwise you could have a go at last minute shopping, there's always a bargain on HotUKDeals somewhere!!

    As we get close to Christmas there are often a lot of good bargains because stores are competing with each other for your wallet. However, hot deals usually sell out fast.

    I would say it's not worth buying quite yet unless you see something that is really hot as then it's worth buying it and hanging on for four months. If it's a ho-hum deal then hold off a bit longer.

    Yeah, closer to Christmas you'll probably be needing to keep your eyes peeled, get on HotUKDeals as much as possible and also keep a look out in "real life" so you can snap up bargains before they sell out!!
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