Best deals around for a new Wii??

    Have been searching at all the retailers what would you guys suggest is the best wii deal around nowadays?any help greatly appreciated

    P.S Looking for console but wont mind freebie games or cheap games which are any good


    The asda £150 deal got very hot in the ratings on here. Bundles will be cheaper overall, but that depends on what games you want I suppose!

    if your near an Asda apprently they were sellling them new with Wii Sports for £150, cant remember if it was asda though? anyone know?

    EDIT There ya go above of me

    All wii consoles in the UK come with wii sports and yep, they're saying at Asda it should be £150. If you are going to want wii fit soon-ish you might want to think about getting it in a bundle such as at currys/comet online as its quite hard to come by otherwise.

    Get the adsa deal and go get the discount of 110% the price difference at PC World if they have the same package available…ise

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    the asda living deal finished yesterday so no more £150 ones available.Have already got a wii fit so not looking for such a bundle
    HMV-wii+2games from 2for£30 selection=£190/wii+wall.e=190
    Zavvi-Wii+Mario Kart =£190
    WHSmith-wii+free lego indiana jones=£179.99
    Thats the whole confusing bit:oops:

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    which one to buy…-1/ try this thread for 160 at bargain crazy then theres a 20% off code

    Toys R Us had a wii and mariokart with wheel for £179.99. I know its currently showing as OOS but apparently they re-stock on a Friday and there may still be some available instore.

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    bargain crazy deals are finished
    looking at toya r us now if i can get one
    Anybody willing to sell me one they have?
    Thanks for all the replies guys
    Reping you all now

    latest deal... good buy especially with price match 10% at PC World!…kar
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