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Best deals calling/txting home (UK) from China?

Posted 5th Oct 2006
My loved one is off to China in few weeks on business.

As she cannot stand to be without me She calls and txts me constantly while away and nornally racks up £200+ phone bills for the week.

She is one some odd T-mobile buisness contract sent up by her Uncle who has some ties to T-mobile. Gives her cheaper calls but no monthly contact fee.

Anyway its not great for internation calls as its something like £1.50/min to call the UK and about 50p to txt.

So is there any hots deals around for getting cheaper calls/txt than this? I do have a spare unlocked phone she can use if necessary. If it matters I'm on a o2 pay monthly phone and a BT landline.

Edited to say thanks for any help provided
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