Best Deals For Canon 500/550D

Found 27th Dec 2010

Am a lil confused between the best deals for the

1. canon 500d with 18-55 IS lens
2. Canon 550d with 18-55 IS lens

Can someone tell me is it worth paying 140 £ more for the 550d.

And please tell me where are the good deals . I see a good deal for the 500d at camerworld but i havent been able to reach them at all.

550d please suggest

Also would be buying a SDHC card 8 GB, Filter & Bag


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Go for the 500d, save your money for some nice glass. Also remember 16GB SD cards came be had for £15 so don't pay over the odds for that package.
Thanks for the comments.. Ay particular class of cards ?
May as well go for a 10, you can get a class 10 16GB off play.com for £15 I believe.
The main benefits for the 550d are with video.

I have a 550d and very pleased with it although if you're opting to go with a higher priced body I'd suggest the 60d purely for the additional build quality and articulating screen.

As feelthevibe said, don't bother with expensive SD cards. I have £15 transcend 16gb cards and they work great!

I'd recommend just getting a UV filter to begin with. There is no point getting many of the others as you can often produce the same effect in photoshop.

Bags vary widely but you're normally safe with the lowepro ones. Something like the slingshot 202 or fastpack 250. I have the fastpack 100 and it is a little small.

Despite what most say the kit lens is very good. The build quality is cheap but the actual lens is great for beginners and most occasions. If you wish to purchase additional lenses I'd recommend canon ef 50mm f/1.4 USM.

Some other accessories you should definitely consider:
- some spare batteries. I got some none brand ons from ebay, they're 2 for £10 and are as good.
- A tripod of sorts, especially for dark or landscapes. Try a cheap one first and if you enjoy using it look for a more expensive one.
- depending what you're shooting a flash might be handing, the built in one is ok but not great.
- a Giottos Rocket Air Blower for cleaning lenses.

Hope this helps.
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