Best deals on 15-20" HD LCD TV's????


    Looking to upgrade to Sky HD in the next couple of weeks and take out Multi-Room along with it, but to do so I'll need to replace the TV in the spare bedroom with something that would accept HD.

    Can anyone give any advice at all on what deals are out there for smallish LCD TV's? It's only for the girlfriend to watch her soaps on while im most likely on xbox live, so not wanting to spend massive amounts of cash on it!!

    Are there any good deals kicking around at the moment for around the £200 (or less) mark? Or, would you guys advise I spend that little bit extra and get a decent branded product?

    Any help would be appreciated!


    £200 could possibly get you a 20-22" widescreen tv with hdmi, more likely 19-17" they are rare tho, HDTVs typically start just below £300.

    £280 gets you 28" WS LCD HDTV, pcworld had a 32" philips one at £399

    SkyHD box is £300..., the shops offering £100 off SkyhD are doing them on TVs that are over £700 normally

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    Thanks - any idea of the best sites or places to buy such a TV though? Never had to buy one of these online before, so not sure which sites would offer best value. Checked pricerunner, there were a few 15 and 17" tv's under £200 that 'claimed' to be HD compatible.

    On the Sky HD front, well its a bit complicated! Live in a recently converted victorian school which has been converted into appartments. Sky is fed from a communal dish, so Sky will not do a standard installation, currently trying to source an external company to connect an additonal feed from the 'booster' box into my appartment. Nightmare!! This company would then provide and install the HD box, quoted circa £239 at present, although I fear this will jump substantially if additional cabling is required!

    Im not a very technically minded guy when it comes to this, but why Sky cant take ownership of the communal dish is beyond me!
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