Best deals on cdrs?

Found 9th Nov 2004
Noticed Amazon have BenQs at 5.99 for 50, but they charge a lot for postage.

Anyone else recommend suppliers for them?
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I buy all my media from blankdiscshop, they have great prices and fantastic service. And some weekends they have 99p postage offers.
Also you can buy them in 25's at ebuyer.com for under £5.00p

Might not be as many as you want in one go, but not so much immediate outlay.

£2.34p FOR A PACK OF 25

Delivery is extra - Total = £4.21p
SVP are the best!

SVP are the best!

Just incase people don't know, svp are blankdiskshop.
without a doubt SVP used em for a few years now. if u live near torquay you can collect!! or used to be able to anyway
Thanks bobajob!
is it every weekend they have offers or just some? I need another load of white-topped (printable) and ebuyer postage is quit a lot -- SVP would be goo *with* 99p postage, mroe expsenive without.

Cheaper than Market?
It's usually some weekends but fairly often. Their delivery is quick, but like you say, without the .99p offer, a bit expensive.
My local shop does 25 for a fiver.

I'll maybe just order more from Amazon with a few other items to save on p&p.
i use toys-r-us as they have an offer on at the mo were in u buya 50 pack of cd-r's for £4.99......have u also tried the silvers that pundstretcher sell they do 100 spools for £9.99 but be wary of recording movies on these as they're best used on music downloads only
that's an excellent offer, lb1977

but been to the site and i can only find 50 for £9.99 and 25 for £4.99! is it an in-store offer??
i think it might just be instore slinks....the last time i bought them was about a month ago and it was in there leicester branch
I was looking for some Full Face Printables, had a load of trouble finding some.

Most were 3/4 printable. Taiyo Yuden were the only ones i could see & they were about £60 odd quid for 100.

Then spotted this place wholesale-media.com/aca…tml

They got some there for £111.63 incl of VAT for 500, postage was a little pricey @ £5.99 +vat. but it still worked out at £23.75 per 100.

I split the box with me mate.

They do some unbranded CDRs at £45 +vat + Postage, per 500.
Works out to be about £12.75 per 100.

They do blank DVDs as well, mainly sell to trade but they were happy to supply me & helpful on the phone.

Worth checking out, & hope it helps.



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Welcome to HUKD The .Equalizer Thanks for your first post too!
Hi Rayman

Thanks for the Hello.

I also use SVP, they are pretty good on price.

If you subscribe to their newsletter, it lets you know about the 99p postage.

Which aint often so when they do offer it, take advantage.

Also Digital Promo are worth a look.

Here's the link digitalpromo.co.uk/ero…tml



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Thanks for that The .Equalizer

Not a bad selection there!
Cheapest isn't always the best. Ay makes or specifications etc to steer clear of when buying CDRW or DVDRW?

Cheapest isn't always the best. Ay makes or specifications etc to steer … Cheapest isn't always the best. Ay makes or specifications etc to steer clear of when buying CDRW or DVDRW?

I agree with that, especially DVD media. As that's a more recent format, I think they have some way to go to make them compatible with many more writers + players.
new find - tesco's have now started a deal where as u buy a 25 pack of cd-r's for £5.99 and there a bogof offer so thats really 50 for £6
just wondering down to tescos now.. may pick up 50
Nice find! Thanks for this
When it comes to CDR they are all much of a muchness, you don't get the same compatability problems that you get with DVDs.

The only thing i look out for on cheap CDR is that the coating or metalic surface is not easily markable or peelable as it is this layer on the top that the data is written to, not the bottom of the disc as often people think.
So if you get disks with a painted surface or coloured, then even better, as it has better protection for your layer of data.

As for DVDs, best bet is find a brand that works well with most burners.
I find "Ritek A Grade" a great disc, i almost never get coasters.

I'm sure other members have other brands that they prefer too.

Anyhow, thats my two penneth stuck in.


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