Best deals on iPhone 13 or 14 Pro 256GB sim included or sim free with Blue light card?

Posted 27th Dec 2022
So planning on upgrading to either an iPhone 13 Pro or 14 Pro with 256GB of storage and just wondering if anyone knew of any places best to check. I'm open to a sim plan if needed, currently with Smarty 50GB for £10 a month. I have Blue Light Card to factor in to the equation. I probably need around 40/50GB of data minimum. Other than that free to have almost anything. My other option is to buy outright new or second hand from CEX or somewhere similar. I've jumped on comparison sites but can't find a way to factor in Blue Light which could make a difference. Thanks all.
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    I had the same predicament recently and went for a refurbished GiffGaff iPhone 13 pro 256GB for 799. I got the excellent condition one, which showed no signs of use and 100% battery. Other budget friendly option might be to try for a new 13 pro in Argos or Curry's, but I didn't find any stock when I searched in-store and online. Might be some around your area? Bluelight doesnt really help for new apple phones, but I think Apple store does a slight NHS discount for older models. What you can get with a Bluelight is a discount on gift cards for certain stores which you could use towards buying a new phone.
    Ah good to know, I did have a look at them and yeah seemed a decent option so good to know. Unfortunately I don't have any Curry's or Argos stock near me.
    Yeah unfortunately there's not too many options for deals on Apple. Best sim only I found was 14 Pro for £590 upfront and £30 a month so still quite a high price over 24 months. 13 Pro seems almost as expensive with sim deals so yeah probably better to go refurb like you.
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    Can anyone help with where I can the best deal on an I phone 14 pro handset only..any discount codes I could use etc. Teenage daughter has been saving for one. Sold everything she owns and just about has enough now after Christmas. Not happy about it but kids 🤷🏻‍♀️
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