Best dehumidifier to dry clothes

Posted 2nd Jan 2023 (Posted 22 h, 16 m ago)
Hi does anyone have any recommendations on a good dehumidifier to help dry clothes indoors? Budget is max £150.
Thanks in advance.
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    I got a Meaco ABC for £149.99 from John Lewis. It’s very effective for drying washing. It also sucks Al the moisture out of house plant pots so watch that.

    It wasn’t easy finding one in stock so I filled in my email at JL and they contacted me when they had one.…mQ=
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    I bought the Meaco 25L for £300 last month and it has changed our lives! It’s amazing! Well worth spending the extra if you can. Alternatively, they do smaller version which are cheaper.
    Max budget £150
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    Meaco for us, we have 20L and smaller one (older so I think it is 12l(
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    Probably the wrong time of year to buy one of these, we have a meaco 12 lt and works really well but currently priced @ £189 in curry’s which is much more then we paid. (edited)
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    Check your local Lidl to see if they still have one of their Silvercrest ones in stock and you might even find it in the clearance isle. We picked one up last Thursday for £100 and it seems to do the trick nicely.…124 (edited)
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    Get one of Facebook marketplace
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    Better buy meaco arete one 12l version its £180 but look for discount code for argos or John Lewis to bring the price down.
    The main point, its 5 years warranty and cheaper to run than other brand.
    I personally have 20l versions so far so good. (edited)
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    Do you also want to dry duvet covers? That is its most demanding task. If so then you need one that can dehumidify at least 10L/day with at least a 2L water tank. I use the prem-i-air eh1504 which does that and has wheels unlike most. Cost £65 on ebay a year ago. It takes 9 hours to mostly dry a single duvet cover. If I shower in my small bathroom it takes 90s to clear the steam.

    ElectriQ made one with a similar spec.

    When you see 10L in the title that could be its drying rate per day or its water-tank size.

    £100 14L/day with wheels…tml and they have a 10L £80 TTK 28 E with wheels.

    £140 I don't know its tank size, probably 2L…r-2
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