Found 1st Jul 2007
I have £360 to spend on a new desktop.....

Whats the best deal for this price....

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Are you able to build your own?

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Yeah i can build, but dell can usually beat build prices with there thursday morning specials>>>>

Wait until thursday then and see whats on special, was just saying because you can get really cheap DDR2 RAM now. I'd say you could build a core2 + 2gb ram + 160gb hd without monitor for around £350

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Yeah i know memory has fallen massively lately....But Dell are so competitive still.

Thanks for the pointer t0mm

No problem, if you want me to whipp up a nice rig for that price, just message back saying yes or no

You can't beat the buying power of the big companies and it typically works out cheaper to let them assemble it for you and without all the hassle of having multiple warranties and purchases.

I'm in IT and I just buy one.

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Thanks for the pointers guys....and T0mm no rug needed thanks. Lol
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