Best Dell Deal without Monitor

    I know the current deal with the 22" screen is pretty good, and I could sell the screen BUT I know that I wouldn't end up selling it (no self control), I does not seem that you can remove it from the order either.

    So what is the best deal for a good all round family PC, won't play games on it , got the 360 for that, want digital audio out (coax or optical).



    Not many good dell deals without monitor but if you phone they may take it off (and take off the corresponding value) - if not hang up and try again for another sales rep.


    Dell will take off the monitor if you phone but they will only remove around £100 for the 22" one and £90 for a 19" one so your better off taking the deal and selling the monitor. You will I think need to order a sound card with the pc if you want it to come with digital audio out.

    Or add a xifi later on.. Less than £20 OEM so alot cheaper than upgrading with dell.

    You can normally get some good deals on the Dell outlet part of the site as they all come without monitors i think.


    I just posted the complete list of available dell desktops without monitors in hotdeals
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