Best Dell Desktop PC for £450 max?


I was wondering what the best Dell Desktop PC that I could get for a maximum of £450 (under £400 would be ideal).

The only requirements I have really are:

TFT Monitor Included (15" or Above)
1GB RAM or More
Windows Vista Premium/Windows XP

I'm not too worried about Graphics as it won't be used to play games.



Hi try the dell outlet - you get £95 off your purchase:


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Thanks, I had a look on there and they look like some good deals. The only thing I'm worried about is what the systems are like being as they are returned models. Has anyone had experience with a computer from Dell Outlet.


this thread may help if you're not strict about Dell

also a great deal on a base unit here


6% quidco cashback

just add the ebuyer monitor recommended by beerman in the thread.

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Thanks for those suggestions. The only real reason for wanting a Dell system is the fact they offer Slim Line cases. If there are any other companies which offer these it would be good.

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Thanks, That is exactly what i've been looking for. I think I will place an order later.

Thanks Again
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