Best Desire/Desire HD deal?

Found 30th Nov 2010
Hi - what's the best deal about on the desire or the desire HD - need 1GB+ of data I'd guess, which I think pretty much restricts me to t-mob these days?

minutes/texts not important (i.e. I'd rather save £5 a month and have 100/100 than have 5000/5000, because using 100/100 is pretty unlikely to happen), and happy to pay for the handset if that makes it cheaper (e.g. £100 + 18x15 = 370, 'free' but 24x20=480, I'll take the cheaper option over the term)

quidco always good

if anyone's got a blinder for something like a galaxy s as an alternative i'll look, but prefer the idea of software that hasn't been 'messed with' too much.
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