Best Desktop PC - Budget - £800

    Been looking around for a desktop tower for a couple of weeks and i havent found that many decent deals. The best one i found is this:…dhs

    Needs to be able to play most modern games. Il most likely have this for 6+ years so wanting best i can get.

    Good processor, graphics card 6gb+ ram. Wireless n.



    check this out:…dfh

    Studio XPS 8100
    Intel Core i7-870 (2.93GHz, 8MB)
    Genuine Windows 7 Home Premium (64 BIT)
    1TB SATA Hard Drive 7200 RPM
    6144MB (2x2GB) (2x1GB)1067MHz DDR3 Dual Channel
    16X DVD +/- RW

    £683.28 refurb.

    Doesnt mention graphics card - youcouldalways add your own.…983

    The Dell's HD is bigger but the Dino has the graphics edge. Choices, choices...

    Will any gaming PC have a working life of 6 years? My max was 5 before I got rid of it JUST for Supreme Commander

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    check this out: … check this out: XPS 8100Intel Core i7-870 (2.93GHz, 8MB)Genuine Windows 7 Home Premium (64 BIT)1TB SATA Hard Drive 7200 RPM6144MB (2x2GB) (2x1GB)1067MHz DDR3 Dual Channel16X DVD +/- RW£683.28 refurb.Doesnt mention graphics card - youcouldalways add your own.

    Yeah the lack of graphics card is annoying. Looking good otherwise.
    Chocka … Dell's HD is bigger but the Dino has the graphics edge. Choices, choices...Will any gaming PC have a working life of 6 years? My max was 5 before I got rid of it JUST for Supreme Commander

    I think you may have found me my next computer :). I don't mean playing the best games out for 6 years I just want it quick enough for me to use everyday without wanting to throw it out my window. Cheers.

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    But when would these new cpus be used on Dell/DinoPC/Computer Planet etc?

    Never built my own but i probably could and should seeing as im doing a computing degree haha.

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    That does sound easy. Iv done most of it before i just worry when its my own hardware. You got a link for that scan bundle?

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    Would 4GB of ram be enough? And would that i5 overclocked perform better than the standard i7 from dinoPC?

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    Iv just been on a page showing a bunch of cpu scores but i dont know where i got it from. Thought it was from this thread. The new i5/i7 processors seem the best way to go.

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    Ahh that must be where i got it from. Is there enough slots in that motherboard to put 4GB of ram in? Arnt there only 2 slots which are both used by 2x2GB ones in the package?

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    Ah cheers for your help mate. I think il need some help choosing a suitable PSU and case etc but other than that i think im set

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    Im interested in the one from dinoPC. The ATI Radeon HD 6870 1GB. Looked on ebuyer for this and there seems to be the same thing for different prices.

    Not fussed about lights or side window. Just a decent looking case will do.

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    Thanks a lot mate thats great. One extra thing; would this wireless N pci card fit ok in the motherboard?…641

    Think il order the lot for friday delivery (day off) so if i have any trouble il report back to this thread.

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    Nice one. Yeah il be buying that W7 64bit from software4students. Got a guide here that will help me do a clean install.
    Edited by: "Davey_T" 9th Jan 2011

    Well done dcx_badass. That's some solid advice and work you've put on to this thread.

    Davey_T - Good on you for giving self-build a try. As well as a good PC, you'll get some great knowledge and confidence from it.

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    Definitely given me some brilliant advice.

    Just got 2 massive packages with all the components in. Im pretty scared about static breaking anything. Is there anything i can do to ground myself? Or would you suggest getting a anti-static wristband?

    It also seems like i have to install the fan for the cpu as well. Is this easy?

    I dont even know where to start haha.

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    Well iv actually taken off the packaging from the motherboard and theirs a huge corsair cooler on it so i dont think i need to touch to the intel one.

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    Ok iv fit the motherboard, graphics card, wireless card, hard drive and dvd drive. Im struggling with the connections between the psu and the rest of the system.

    iv got some cables with say 8 pin pci express on them. one end had got 6 pins (guessing you plug this into psu) and the other end has 3 cables 2 with 6 pins on and 1 with 2. can this be used on my graphics card which wants 2 power cables to each connector on the graphics card. hope this makes sense.

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    I got this:

    CM Storm Scout + Coolermaster Silent Pro 700W Modular PSU *Special Offer Bundle* - £132.75

    Il use those cables its just there will be the 6 pin connector and the 2 pin connector not connected to anything so i thought id be using different cables.

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    Right iv connected those. It needs two so i used two cables. Also connected the cpu and the motherboard to the psu.

    Is it the 5 pin to sata (top right) which plugs into the hard drive?

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    I cant seem to plug it into the hard drive. Iv plugged a small sata cable from the hard drive to the motherboard.

    Which cables do i use for the dvd drive? Should there be one to the motherboard and one to the psu?

    Really appreciate the help. Wouldn't have a chance if i didn't have it.

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    Ok great iv done that. How do i know which end connection to use? Theres like 3 of the same.

    In the motherboard instructions it talks about connecting fan headers. I see the 3/4 pin connection on the motherboard but i cant find any cables to plug in.

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    Theres two pretty big fans. Might power it up to see if they come on. Iv connected all the little cables to the front panel header.

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    Iv tried following the leads but theres loads of them. One of the fans seems to go to the front panel.
    Boots up fine. Just need W7 to arrive now.

    Il get some pictures up soon

    well done to dcx_baddass for your help.
    davey_t hope you get it working mate.

    Try they make them to your spec.Had one made for my son who,s into gaming,he thinks its great

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    Done the fans now :). Had to use the 1x 5pin Peripheral and floppy. Is this ok to use even though there no floppy drive connected?

    Wish W7 would hurry up and arrive. so frustrating having a fully built PC but no OS to put on X)

    AlienWare , thats it or went for Aldi to do there Amazing PC Deals...excellent hardware for very very very low price

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    I got Professional 64 and stayed with 4GB ram. Il put an extra 2 or 4 in later if i feel i need it. 8 would be a struggle because the CPU cooler is in the way of the 4th slot.
    The only other PC i have access to atm is this netbook so i cant burn any dvds.
    My current monitor only has a vga input. Should i buy a vga-dvi converter or a vga-dvi cable?

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    Got it :). Arrived yesterday. Installed updated and downloaded drivers. Will try to register it tomorrow.

    The processor doesn't seem to be overclocked though. Ran cpu-z and it just showed 3.3ghz. Any idea?

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    Il try that thanks. Was just expecting to see 4.5ghz in cpu-z. Yeah the fans are running.
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