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Posted 10th Nov
Suggestions for the best digital camera to buy my daughter who is very into photography and has moved on from basic camera and iPhone.
Around £200 budget give or take.
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Get a phone
Do you know how long the battery lasts on a teenagers phone! It’s for her to use when she starts photography gcse. I’m hoping that I might be able to get something second hand for less than £300
Panasonic Lumix DMC-GF7K


Nice, compact (with built-in flash), Micro FourThirds camera (so interchangeable lenses) with WiFi for easy sharing to phone.

Olumpus PEN E-PL7…9-b
Pretty much similar to the Lumix (it's also Micro FourThirds) but flash isn't built-in, it's a small seperate attachment.

Canon EOS M10…m-c
Similar to the Lumix, but bigger sensor size, uses Canon lenses but non EF-M lenses need an adaptor.

With Micro Four Thirds, the crop factor is 2x, so the 14mm wide lens is 28mm equivalent.
Canon APS-C is 1.6x Crop so the 15mm is 24mm equivalent.
I think you’ll be pushed on budget, but try and find a second hand Panasonic mirrorless dslr. Bought one for my son last year and it’s an amazing piece of kit. Did lots of research before buying and almost every camera shop we went into said it was the best option. Would suggest you go into Jessops and a few other “new” camera shops before trawling the second hand ones to get a feel of what’s good and suitable for a young enthusiast.
Thank you everyone for all your advice and taking the time to comment.
Take a look at…68/ unfortunately no lens included
find out what camera they use at school as will be easiest to learn with (can get a similar model if not exact)
if not that camera, then they can learn and get decent pics from any modern dslr/mirrorless camera really (or even a compact as long as it has a full manual mode)
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