Best digital camera for up to £150?

    Im looking to replace my old Casio (Xslim i think) 5mb digital camera with something new and was wondering what everyone thought on here would be the best one or brand to go for... Willing to spend up to £150 or so as am saving up for a proper DSLR too and figured I could get an ok small one for that.. I didnt want to worry about the amount of mb argument and all that but would hope to have a good optical zoom too and nothing chunky size-wise as like being able to have it on me all the time. Any help would be mucho appreciated! Cheers!


    panasonic lx i think....

    canon ixus 70 brilliant piece of camera

    I ALWAYS go for Canon IXUSs- the whole range are fantastic and VERY reliable! Great value too.:thumbsup:


    Deffo recommend this … Deffo recommend this :thumbsup:

    i def agree with this, justy brought this a few weeks back, an excellent camera, quality is superb,.

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    cool thanks for everyones help so far.. does anyone know what would be the best compact for widescreen and general camera size? thinking about it more i take mostly landscape and building shots and want a compact that can deliver on image quality and depth.. cheers again!
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