Best Digital Camera Under £100 ??

OK just had the cheque finalised from my insurance claim after my digital and camcorder both got damaged. Any thoughts on the best digital camera i can get for roughly under £100 ? Everyone seems to recommend the Ixus which i think is a great camera, but it may be out of my budget seeing as im only getting £300 back after paying excess and not new for old, and I only have this much to get a digi and a camcorder on top. I may be able to stretch to a little bit more IF the camera is really really worth paying that £10-20 extra BUT i did wanna add a bit extra on the camcorder side and go for a Sony TG3 (missus will kill me though!).

Any thoughts Mr Bailey ?



Kodak are great, but wrong forum dude :thumbsup:

My mum needed a digital camera and her budget was £70 i got her the canon powershot a560 on clearance at argos. I could not do that much research but she needed 4x optical zoom and a proper viewfinder which is rare now. She is very happy with it.


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Hi, canon ixus are fantastic, but I don't think you will get one for under £100. Have you tried jessops? they have a fuji finepix for half price at the moment. Also usually codes available on this site for discount.

Link to jessops. Tried to edit my reply, but didn't show. Sorry


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Posted in misc just coz i was after some advice. Yeah i suppose it should have been requests on second thoughts... but just after some opinions of like Kodak vs Samsung vs Canon more than deals.

Is that Fuji any good btw ? They have the Fuji J10 and J12 for £10 more - are these any better ? They look a bit slimmer.

There are some great deals at the moment, this Pentax is reduced to £105 incl delivery from ]]Empire Direct

2% quidco back too


Great spec:
[*] 10 ]Megapixel CCD, 3x ]Optical Zoom
[*] 2.5” ]LCD monitor with wide angle of view and Bright mode
[*] Digital Shake Reduction – ISO to 3200 freezes subject movement in dim lighting
[*] Enhanced DivX movie capture with Digital Shake Reduction
[*] Natural Skin Tone mode helps improve portraits by smoothing noise and rough highlights
[*] Easy to use Green Mode, Auto Picture Mode and mode pallet for outstanding ease of use
[*] Calendar display mode to easily find your images
[*] Face Recognition AF & AE for fast, high quality, accurate portraits[/LIST]1 Year Parts Guarantee
/ 1 Year Labour Guarantee
And reviews are excellent

If you really want a Canon Ixus, ]Tesco have the IXUS 70 for under a £100, use the ]voucher to get £5 off and the sim loophole to get ]free delivery.

It's less spec than the Pentax though and only 7.1mp.

Don't forget Quidco too

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If you had the cash choc which one would you go for ? Pentax isnt a brand ive been recommended, though thats not to say they arnt good. Cracking specs on that one, but would the Ixus 70 be a better option as i dont mind 7.1 (my old camera was only 3 lol!)

I'd go for the Pentax after reading the reviews but the Tesco Ixus is a great little bundle as it comes with a printer, so if you're only moving up from a 3mp it's a great little package.

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Hmm looking around that Pentax is pretty much around th £100 mark as standard... cheeky ED saying its half price ;-)

OK choc one more thing into the equation. I said i didnt mind adding a bit IF the camera was cracking... well Amazon have the Canon Digital IXUS 80 IS Camera - Silver (8.0MP, 3 xOptical Zoom) 2.5" LCD for £125. IS it worth the extra £25 to get this one? I would go for the Ixus 70 from Tesco but dont want the printer tbh.

Well you could sell the printer :whistling:, then put the cash towards your camcorder, with the Ixus 80 all you get is extra mp for £25, if you want to spend the extra cash I'd go for the ]Olympus (which is one of my cameras.....excellent little camera and same spec as the Ixus 80) but £5 cheaper on Amazon

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Went for the Ixus bundle from Tesco in the end. Im happy to pay £95 for an Ixus... been after one for ages.

Many thanx all who helped.

I'm sure you won't be disappointed with the ixus. I have had mine a few months and it's brilliant.

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Good to know :-)

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OK now just got myself a Panny TZ5 after reading the reviews - mainly on its widescreen shots, image stabilization (which the Ixus hasnt got and the missus has got the DTs), and the zoom. Yeah so i went over budget by 60 smackers but the reviews on the Panny are top and i need something that will last me years and be somewhat futureproof. Ixus looked good, but on second glance it lacked a lot of features. Will nip to local Tesco tomorrow and get a refund on the Canon.

Hopefully i havent made a mistake :-P
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