best digital camera within £100?


    Im trying to find a good digital camera under £100. I basically need it for snap shots and would like a video mode on it, id also like it to have a mains charger. So far i think the best i have found is the Panasonic FS7 for £99 from Amazon.

    Any other advice would really be appreciated?


    Won't get any better than the FS7 - Challenging for the best compact under £200, never mind £100.

    I've a Kodak 6mp Z650 complete with Accessories and Printer Dock for £59?

    FS7 is a cracker, id stick with that

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    arghhh i went to purchase it and the price has gone up! cant find it under £100 anymore which was already my stretched budget. may have to rethink - thanks for your help and suggestions
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