Best Digital Photo frame for a christmas pressie

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Found 15th Dec 2008
Hi all

I'm looking to get my parents a digital photo frame for xmas but not really too sure with them so if anyone knows where i can get a good cheap one that would be great

Many thanks for you help


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Nice cheers guys

Not all digital photo fames are the same.

The quality is measured in the number of pixels it shows.

A cheap frame with a low number of pixels (like 340 x 280 or whatever) will make the pictures look dull and boring.

A better photo frame with a high number of pixels (like 800 x 480 or whatever) should make the pictures look bright and better quality.

Dont just go on price.

I'd like something thats 800x400 and has a usb connection so I can transfer photos from my PC onto it. Not wanting to pay too much any ideas?


Got one of these for a pressie and they loved it, no USB just an SD card reader:…072

Not sure about the resolution but the pictures look ok to me, and dead simple for them to use.
Silver one is £2 cheaper

Hope it helps


£19.99 flebay free delivery you won't get cheaper than this 270318412224
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