best digital tyre compressor

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Found 21st Aug 2016
looking at getting a tyre inflater for car that plugs into cigarette lighter
would prefer digital and was about to buy the ring as you can set it at pressure and it stops at set pressure
but i am a little worried about the reviews especially about you have to screw on connector and some say its not a good fit and there seems to be a lot of negative things about how long it lasts

anyone recommend a better one or just comment on the one mentioned


Are you filling up the tyres from completely flat? If not, I don't see the point in buying one which plugs into lighter socket because by the time you've plugged it in you could have already done the 10-20 pumps of the foot operated one to get it to the right psi.…AMN

There are a few similar design different brand.

I got a ring one after breaking three foot pumps in as many years and I'm getting old and lazy
If you have the time and are fit then enjoy the workout otherwise ring all the way
the screw connection is a small faff but it's gonna last longer than a naff lever design
got mine for 20 quid over 18 month ago and still going strong guess I've already had my monies worth as it gets used every couple of weeks and is well handy when it comes to giving the rear tyres extra puff for caravan towing duty

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Treboeth are a few similar design different brand.

that is the one that is getting bad reviews is it not


that is the one that is getting bad reviews is it not

4.4/5 over 720 reviews seem ok to me.
had mine a few years still ok (goes off to check it oO)

I bought the following (link below) tyre inflator a few weeks ago after discovering I have a slow puncture in one of my tyres.....
It seems spot on for the job..... tyre inflates quickly and the connector used is the one that is the one fitted; and it screws on snuggly... you just twist it till you cant hear the air escaping.
I bought it because i too wanted to type in the pressure i wanted... but as well as this function it has a really easy to use stop/start button.
So far I cant fault it... its nice and compact ... and the cable is long enough to reach comfortably but without being overly long....... if im inflating tyres on the left i put it from the ciggy lighter out the front left door, and when inflating the right hand tyres i put it out of the drivers side door.
You can fold the cable back into little slots in the machine between uses so you don't have any trailing bits.
It also comes with a neat little bag which comes in real handy for keeping it all tidy and portable.

Ring RAC600 12V Digital Tyre Inflator with Storage Bag and Adaptor Set…HJU

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It's advisable to cross-check with a gauge that you trust to be accurate, as just because it's digital, does not guarantee that it's accurate.
I have a RAC630, and the figures seemed to tally with my usual pen type gauge.

Loses a little when removing the connector, but no worse than the lever type which also don't seal very well once they take a little wear.
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