Posted 1st Jun 2019
When using a pocket spring mattress with a pine bed frame, what's the best distance to leave between the pine slats to reduce wear?

Looking online, I have seen various space recommendations ranging from 1cm to 7cm (0.5 inch to 2.5 inches). I notice the smaller recommendations tend to come from older posts, so I am not sure if maybe the correct way of doing this has changed?

Also, I've seen that some gap is needed between the slats to allow ventilation, so it's all a bit confusing to pick the right size!

It is for a single bed and the user is around 13st. Would a 3cm gap be enough or is that too wide for support or too narrow for ventilation?
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    I covered our with boards so flat.
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    Reduce wear? What are you expecting to wear?

    I suspect it's the kind of thing that depends on a lot of factors like how stiff and thick the mattress is, how humid the house is, the materials in question, whether they're sprung slats and so on.

    If you're fixing them down I would probably err on the side of a smaller gap. You can always leave the mattress on it's side occasionally to help trapped moisture escape but making too big a gap comfortable requires re-doing the job.

    3cm sounds reasonable, that's less than most bed frames have.
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    kutekitty01/06/2019 13:49

    As I understand it, if the gap is too big then they sag?

    Last time I was looking at new beds and mattresses, I read it was recommended to put something like a sheet of hardboard across the slats of a slatted base if you were going to put a pocket sprung mattress on one, I think it was to stop the stitching holding the pockets upright and together from being torn apart over the gaps. But I think where I read it, they also recommended a sprung base with them, in preference to slats or a hard base as it helps the mattress shape to and support your body better. (edited)
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    Anonymous User
    If the gap is too big the springs will 'twist' slightly if the base of the spring doesn't sit fully on a slat. This in turn can lead to rubbing and wear on the fabric of the mattress. Totally covered /flat will help your mattress last longer and keep its shape.
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    Anonymous User
    I've design and made beds the is nothing important about this distance except the wider the slate the cheaper it is to make the slate because you need less. I would pay more attention to the fixing of the slates - simple screws make it a pain to put together, loose fixing mean the bed will maybe be noisy or the slat might move. The point about the spring is only valid with a combination of a cheap bed & mattress. Quality beds will include a cloth cover over the slats & a gap less than the width of the slat.
  6. kutekitty's avatar
    EndlessWaves01/06/2019 13:33

    Reduce wear? What are you expecting to wear?

    As I understand it, if the gap is too big then they sag?
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    This is an old post but shows up first when searching for slats distance so it might be worth adding some info:

    I've just had a warranty for mattress denied because the distance between slats is not between 2 and 3 inches, which they claim induces deformations in the mattress. Checked their docs and it seems they also recommend but using a flat bottom because it doesn't allow the mattress to breath.
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