Best Driving Company

    hi i am now going to start driving, just wondered who is the best company to go with also how much are lessons.


    ask around see if anyone can recomend anyone in your area. Word of mouth is always the best advertisment.

    I know that instructors working for BSM are not allowed to tell you you're not ready for your test. If you put in for your test but obviously aren't ready, they can not tell you that.

    I have been using Bill Plant (well was until I moved home from uni).
    First lesson free, next four lessons £56 (for all four, not each hehe), and there after £19.95.


    Best to get some local word of mouth to see who is good in your area though.

    Hi mate,
    I had my lessons with BSM in Yarmouth.
    Excellent instructor! Passed first time!
    It was around £20 with student discount.
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