Best drone

    I'm looking to get a drone for my best friend for Christmas.

    He a beginner and I've got of up to £150.

    I have looked at the Syma drone range but not sure if they are good.

    What would you say the best drone is for my budget?


    One of the best drones for a beginner is the Syma X5C. It's lightweight , superb flyer both indoors and out . Batteries are cheap and readily available . Theres no GPS etc on these things so you have to fly them manually and that's how you learn .Once you have learnt the basics and can hover , turn and return then you can move up to a more advanced quad . A one with GPS , RTH [return to home ] and more features but of course ..............more money .
    Lots of contenders for betters quads , but it depends on how much money you want to spend . Phantoms are popular,I own the Flying 3D's and have 2 XK380's ,they were popular too. Lots of reviews of them too , check the youtube videos especially the ones by Quadcopter101.

    There is a deal posted today for a racing drone, looks good, but you will need to be quick, limited offer. I thinks it's on Banggood…651
    This maybe too advanced but it's good drone.
    The Symantec X5c is a good starter, well below your budget, but don't spend your money on a good one to start because a drone will find a tree or wall in no time.

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