Best ds games to get and where?

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Found 9th Jul 2007
Right so i just ordered myself a black ds lite from littlewoods and now i need some games

I already have super monkey ball touched
but i want a few more good ones --suggestions please


Trauma Centre
Wario Ware Touched
New Super Mario Bros

New Super Mario Bros. - platformer
Hotel Dusk - adventure game with lots of reading, intriguing story
Meteos - best puzzler since tetris, awesome controls, art and music
Mario Kart DS - online kart racing, staple game.
Pokemon Diamond/Pearl - classic gameplay, simple, charming tons of depth
42 All Time Classics - £20 for tons of games, good for long journeys
Brain Training - worldwide phenomenon
Animal Crossing - like the Sims but without the rubbish
Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney - court room drama, lots of reading, clever and funny plot. very silly, not much action but lots of suprises.
Ouendan (import only) - crazy japanese music game called Elite Beat Agents here with a different soundtrack

videogamesplus.ca is a very cheap import store, highly recommended for games that aren't out in the UK. £20 shipped to the UK usually, when you buy one game on its own you never pay customs/tax because they mark it down as $18 for you instead of £18.

Never pay more than £22 for a DS game

Seriously this console owns. There's Zelda coming later this year.. well worth the money

Get some friends round with DS's and play Mario Kart on link up its class !:thumbsup:

Forgot to mention you only need one copy of the game !.

Definitely Mario Kart, great game!

The best games to buy are Mario Kart, Yoshi's Island, Pokemon Diamond/Pearl, Animal Crossing, New Super Mario Bros and Brain Training is a good budget game.

There's a lot more but i think that'll tide you over for quite a while and checkout Shopto, VideoGamesPlus.ca, Movietyme, Softuk, cd-wow and Choicesuk, as i've found them to be the best priced for DS games.

Hope that helps.

you could always get a R4 card for the DS

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you could always get a R4 card for the DS

Sorry dnt do fakes and dont like ppl who emulate games


Sorry dnt do fakes and dont like ppl who emulate games

To a certain extent, i do agree with you, as that's why companies invest millions into finding ways to avoid copies being made, thusly increasing the price for us.

I would however recommend a card that you can buy that allows you to your DS into a PSP type machine, in that sense, i mean so you can load tunes and films on to the DS and turn it into a portable mp3, dvd player.

All you need is a small device and an SD card, which is dirt cheap now anyway.

Hope that helps.

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Have an ipod

Planet Puzzle League.

Some info ]here

Awesome gameplay and you can challenge Charlie Chan in China :-D not to mention chat with him....if you can speak Mandarin.

I lost :-(

I havent seen starfox command mentioned as well as metroid prime hunters.

Starfox is a bit short to be honest but i thought it was a good game and it has online multiplayer play as well.

Metroid hunters is an excellent first person shooter/adventure if you like the genre and also has online multiplayer play

Advance wars is also a good game if you have friends that you can play with. The problem is its not wireless and you have to play local play with your mates.

Super mario 64 ds is also a very good game. It a remake of the n64 version but does have its differences and definitely worth considering if you didnt catch it on the 64.

And lastly you can never beat a good old game of tetris, espcially with the new games/features tetris ds has

Nintendogs :-)

One of the most addictive games I have played is Bugs on the More Brain Training game. Its supposed to be for relaxation but I am usually stressed by the end of it...:giggle:

Check out ]http//ww…ds/ for very reliable reviews.
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