Best DSLR Camera for a beginner?

At the moment I have a Canon Digital Ixus Wireless 5MP Compact so am looking to upgrade to a DSLR so I can get more in to photography.

I have been looking at the Nikon D40 but if any one can suggest any other good DSLR cameras for a beginner I would appeciate it!



I bought the Nikon D40 as my first DSLR about 6 months ago and I would recommend that. I find it easy to use and the help system is great.

Best thing to do is to pop into somewhere like Jessops and give it a try and compare it with other.

Also have a look ]http//ww…uk/ for cheap prices.

im also looking for a DSLR, read many reviews but still cant decide, looking at a canon 450D at the mo, however im not too sure if that is too much for me....

camerapricebuster is a awesome site!

Check the Canon 1000D or Nikon D40/D60 or Sony A200.

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Check the Canon 1000D or Nikon D40/D60 or Sony A200.

Thanks, I don't really want to go higher than £300.

The D40 has brilliant reviews and seems quite good for me and is around £250 - £300 but I am just wondering if any one can recomend any cameras with the same sort of specs and around the same price.

If you buy the Nikon D40 before the end on june, you can claim £30 cashback from Nikon UK,

See nikon.co.uk/sit…tml for more details.

d40 is a great camera, I havn't looked back since getting it a few weeks ago

I agree with jagsheer - go to Comet etc (or John Lewis who have more knowledgable staff) and see what they've got and try them out.
I was looking for something similar to you and I ordered a D40 at the weekend. The Canon 400D is a slightly better camera with a few more features but you won't get it for under £300. However, the Nikon comes with a better kit lens and a 2 year guarantee (Canon is just 1) and is about £100 cheaper after cashback.
It's worth reading some reviews on the net (and people's comments on this site). I read loads and didn't find one person who was disspaointed with the D40. Let's hope I'm not the first!
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