Best dual SIM, good battery life phone deal?

Found 23rd Nov 2017
Hi guys. Any pointers welcome for this search. I currently have an S6. I'd like a phone I can add my work SIM to that lasts a full day with lots of use. Cheers.
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Lenovo P2, 5.5" amoled display, good loud speaker, dual SIM, fast charger and excellent Battery charge will last days with moderate use.…C72

Had mine 8 months now and the best £180 I have spent, I only need to charge mine every 5 days, my Samsung was every 24hours.
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the slot is hybrid slot, so either second sim card OR SD card
Also, does the second slot works as 3G ? If you have three network, and enable data on second sim card, will it drop the second, no data enabled card, to 2G ? If it does then its of no use. I'm in the market for dual sim phone, to replace Moto G4, which is the only one I know of which can work with two SIM cards and SD card and the sim card which is currently not carrying any data will work in 3g. Does anyone has any recomendations ?
^^ looks like a great shout.
Redmi Note 4 Global, probably the most popular and posted phone on the site. Dual sim and in the top 5 of all phones reviewed by Gsmarena for battery life.
OnePlus 5 (or the newer 5T).

Haven't been happier with a phone for a while! Dual Sim, microSD slot, enough power to watch 2 hours of videos + 2-3 hours of bluetooth music in a day. Great dual camera and more than fast enough
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