best dvd player under £100

    I have a panasonic 24" lcd and am looking for the best dvd player I can for under £100.
    HDMI and Digital Optical needed and upscaling would be nice.
    Any idas??!



    Can't go wrong with this and save yourself some money…-21

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    I was after a Panasonic one to start with as they both would have VIERA link.
    Is there a big difference between 1080i and 1080p?

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    Anyone else?

    I'm considering the Toshiba SD-480E, I can get it for £46.38 delivered from (which I'm thinking of posting as a deal).

    1080i / 1080p The i stands for interlaced and the p for progressive. More and more screens are now 1080p which gives better veiwing quality. 1080 is the number of lines on the screen. With progressive each of these is refreshed at whatever the refresh rate may be whereas with interlaced its every other line, so its doing half and other half next time around.
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