best DVD recordable drive.

Found 4th Dec 2004
Maplin.co.uk: 4x DVD+RW £29.99 inc. VAT - Saturday, October 09, 2004 is listed in this site. Anyone know if this is any good or recomment a different one. Willing to pay more for quality
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I have a Pioneer 108 DVD Burner. No Complaints!
That one is a DVD+RW which is fine, but it does seem that the DVD-RW are a little more popular. I think you can get the DVD+/-RW drives though for not much more money and then you are safely hedged Although really pretty much any drive will read either and most DVD players so it's not really an issue in the end.
I've got an NEC 2510a Dual Layer + DVD-R/DVD+R comaptible + it's been great! Not one coaster using 8x speed DVD-R (Bulkpaq + Datawrite) I think it's around £45.00p.

You can get 16x speed writer drives now, although the media isn't so cheap or available easily yet.

If you want one quick + cheap, go for an 8x speed for that little bit extra.
Mine's an LG4120B, about £50. Dual layer DVD +/- but with DVD-RAM support as well. Gets a gold star recommend in this month's PC Advisor. I'm a big fan of RAM. A 4.3Gb floppy, superb for incremental backups without the need to use Nero to burn sessions etc. Any more DVD-RAM fans out there ?
Definitely going to buy one now as I have £35 Amazon vouchers as well as claiming £3 off for first purchase).
Looking at the >phillips< for £69.99 or >Benq< for around £46.99.

Edging towards the BENQ as it is £23 cheaper!

:?: Just looked at Kelkoo there are ones that look the same, to me, but are much cheaper - I am confused - they all look the same. If they are much cheaper to buy from somewhere other than Amazon then I will buy elsewhere.

Any advice?
I know I mentioned NEC above, but I reckon their new ND-3520A beats the rest. At £48.16p Delivered from eBuyer.

Mine [2510A 8x speed as above] has been excellent [one batch of three discs didn't write as the file was corrupt not the fault of the drive].

Take a look around for reviews online, NEC writers are one of the most reliable brands + very popular too.

This new version gives 16x speed DVD+R/DVD-R - Improved DVD=RW/DVD-RW speeds - 48x speed CD-R read + write - Dual layer 4x speed [double layered discs take longer as they have to write to one layer first then adjust the laser to write the second layer depth].

[color=blue]NEC ND-3520 - EBUYER.COM - CLICK HERE[/color]

You don't get any software with these + depending on what you want to record, you will need certain types of software. Personally I recommend Nero 6 + free software for preserving or backing up your personal DVD collection.
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