Best Earphones for Bass, Under £50

    Looking for some earphones which will give me good clean bass, really for DnB music, i cant decide over the in-ear ones and the over ear ones, will the difference be massive? i don't want to be annoying people on the train when im blasting my music but i dont want to compromise on the sound, so what can people recommend?


    HPM-70 from sony are really good. I mean really good! 10 x better than I thought they would be.

    Real knock your socks off bass - you 'feel' like your chest is expecting the 'thomp' once your ear hears the bass.

    shure e110 are ok... they cost 60-odd quid (bought dec 2008) - loud but not bassy enough.

    i bought spare hpm-70 from ebay as they are so good - but they were fake. so be sure you buy the real thing.



    these sound very good for the money, tempted to get a pair myself considering we only use a pair of 20 quid sennhisers in music tech at my college, and they seem very good for the money.

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    thanks for the info, i cant seem to find the hpm-70 ones, all that comes up in the se mobile ones.


    hpm-70's are the sony ericsson mobile ones and they are awful!
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