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    I have just over £500 to open a savings account, which is the best in terms of interest and being able to withdraw?


    a current account at nationwide paying 5% for a year, or 3% in bos/tesco
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    I always have a read on money saving expert for a question like this. Several current accounts pay the best rate of interest at the moment. For example Nationwide flex account, you get debit card for easy access and 5% interest up to £2500 fixed for 1 year. After 1 year look for another place for your money.
    Cheers Si

    Interest rates are miserly, you'd do well to make 1% per year - so that's about a fiver over twelve months!!!

    You'd be better of 'robbing' banks by taking your £500 and switching it from account to account and getting their 'golden hellos' - even if you only switch once you could get £100

    Virgin Money savings account allowing deposits of max £250 per calendar month. Rate of 2.25% for first year. Not a current account so no credit check.
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