Best eBay bargains of all time?

Posted 1st Nov 2020
I've been on the lookout for a spare wheel for the past few months. Went on eBay last night to have a little peruse and noticed that at the start of the month the exact wheel I was looking for was sold, refurbished, as good as new, with Pirelli tyre. This would be a prime example at the best of times but what was most noticeable was that it sold for 99p (typical price would be £50+) with £5 shipping (actual cost to seller would have been way more than this - obviously plucked for £5 out of thin air).

Safe to say I'm cursing myself for not paying more attention whilst I was on the lookout for one! Even if I get a bargain for £20 I'll still be thinking about what could have been with that £6 one!!

And to top it off, I saw that the guy that picked up the wheel for £6 then sold it for £50 on eBay a couple weeks later....

TL;DR - Spotted a refurbed 17" OEM alloy wheel with Pirelli sold for 99p!

So in that spirit, I just wondered what were the biggest eBay bargains you've ever seen ? Hopefully you can help me overcome my devastation!
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