Found 25th Jan 2009
Any recommendations?

gixen is first one to come up on google, never heard of it tho!

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EZ Sniper I have used a few times... You get 3 auctions free then pay...

I have used it twice, wont be paying for the service though...
Use the snipe on Apparently very reliable

Its free by the way
Google is your friend…ta=

Plenty about all very similar, you will never need to pay for it

I have used 5 of the ones on the first page and they all do the same job....
Goofbay has always worked for me.Very reliable.
I use goofbay, never let me down
I use lotsnipe…cfm it's always worked for me. You get 3 free a week, and it bids about 5 seconds before the auction ends. Have come away very happy from lots of auctions using this!! Good luck (as long as you don't outbid ME on something lol!)
Stay up late (lots of coffee) and bid in the last minute.
Worked once out of 2 times, in the failed attempt I got outbid by another sniper but I wouldnt have paid that much anyway.

Pros: Free, You don't have to worry about your password being stolen
Cons: Wastes your time
[url][/url] works for me.
i have been using auction sentry for years. paid a one off fee of 5 or 6 pounds. works great.I think this is the only software i have ever paid for!
justsinpe has always been great for me
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