Posted 10th Jan 2023
Need a new electric toothbrush as mine has finally died, any suggestions please
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    I have been having some gum problems for the last few months (caused by type 1 diabetes) so I'm having specialist hygienist appointments every 3 months. First time I went there she talked about tooth brushes & toothpaste. Her advice was get an oral B, pro 3 or better. Spend at least £30 on one but don't go mental. It must have a wear indicator light as you want to apply decent pressure but not too much. Replace head every 3 months.
    The other advice was just get branded toothpaste, £1.50 a tube stuff does the job, the £6 ones are a gimmick.
    Use Tepe style interdental brushes daily, the floss type ones or smaller rubber tipped ones doesn't do much, they should be a tight fit, a bit uncomfortable at first.
    If course, this is one person's advice, other dentists may not agree.

    The most surprising thing is I've been using an electric toothbrush wrong.. I used it like a normal toothbrush. You're supposed to hold it on each tooth/gum for about 4 seconds, applying enough pressure to not quite set the indicator off. I asked a few friends, more than half of them were using it like a normal brush.

    Takes me about 4 or 5 minutes to brush my teeth now + interdental brushes but it's made a big difference.
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    Oral-B Junior

    Often found for £20 and you can simply buy a new one when it inevitably dies after 18 months.
    Exactly the same as an adult one.

    Use the money you save to frequently replace the heads with quality originals
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    To hell with paying £30 for a toothbrush and then forking out for a new head every few months. If you aren't disabled or have restricted movement of some sort you really only need an ordinary toothbrush, anything else is just a waste of money.
    If electric brushes were a miracle then many dentists would have gone out of business. A manual toothbrush, regular flossing and a visit to the hygienist once a year is enough. Also, watch your eating habits (less sweets, coffee etc).
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    definitely oral-b..

    I have the oral-b pro 2
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    Just remember you don't need loads of features
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    A battery powered one
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    Fairywell for about a tenner better than Oral B
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    Avoid Philips Ultrasonic, heads v expensive
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