Best electronic toothbrush?


    Anyone ever tried those electric toothbrushes? If so, which ones do you use? I've heard the Sonicare range is pretty good.

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    Sonicare is the best you can get.

    But i've got a Sonic plakaway off

    Got it last year, 2 for £24 (including p+p!, Had been looking for the best price for awhile!)

    Wouldn't go back to a manual unless there was a power cut for more than 2 weeks! (lol!)

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    ^Was it this one?…ies

    I use Oral B Vitality

    Is a really good toothbrush and has done a lot of good for my teeth


    ^Was it this one? … ^Was it this one?

    Sorry for the late reply, Yes, Those are the ones.

    (except i got Grey and green.)

    might be too late for you, but the best 2 electric brushes are the

    philips sonicare e9500 (sonic)

    and the

    oral b triumph 9500 (oscillating and pulsating)

    Oral B supposedly cleans teeth better, whilst sonicare supposedly cleans below the gums better. But hard to believe anything they say.

    heard good things about sonicare but i'll stick with the old fashioned way
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