Best Eurodisney hotel for 2 adults and 4 children

Found 22nd Aug 2008
Please could anyone give me advice on the best hotel to stay in in Disneyland Paris, Ideally we would want one room but I have 4 children, 9, 4, 2 and new born. Does anyone know if the family rooms will be happy to allow this many in one room???

Any advice would be much appreciated,

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We stayed at the Davey Crockett Ranch. You need to drive though as it is about 10 to 15 mins drive to the park...
We've stayed at Davy Crockett too. There is transport laid on if you're not driving. We also stayed at Santa Fe (rooms too small - you would need 2) and the other one, theme national park - redwood trees, also rooms wouldn't accommodate 6, as double beds only. Davy Crockett is lovely though and means you can make breakfast etc. as expensive to eat every meal out.
Meant to say hotel rooms have 2 double beds. Don't know if you can get triple rooms. Worth enquiring, I suppose if you want to be close by.
Cheyanne only had room for 2 adults and 2 children, we managed to squeeze a cot bed in between their bunk beds and our bed. Room are very small though, but you only sleep there to be honest so it's not too bad. You should be at breakfast by 7, in the park at 8, and stay till midnight for the fireworks. I recommend a nap in the afternoon for all concerned, and take drinks, they only sell pure orange juice, water and coke etc. Nothing for a toddler/baby so take apple juices, ribena's etc :-)
i have styed at 3 hotels there i wud not recommend kyriad but holiday inn and dream castle are amazing if you book thru priceline u can get a get deal but you will need two rooms
Have you looked at the Thomas Cook explorer hotel? They do a 6 person room, it's a double, 2 single beds then bunk bed in an adjoining 'annexe'.
It's funny how the place doesn't seem to cater for people who don't fit into the 2 adults and 2 kids band isn't it!. I went there as a group of 4 adults, and all they could offer us was 2 double beds. We stayed in the Disney hotel and had to share beds. Also stayed in the Sequoia lodge which is a much closer walk to the park than they make out - all of the resort hotels are within walking distance really. According to the website the hotels with family rooms are the Disneyland, Newport Bay and Crockett Ranch (a drive away)
I'd imagine they'd need to give you 2 double beds, a single and a cot? The website states that for the Disney hotel there are 'Family rooms: bigger rooms if more than 4 people'
Perhaps ring and ask?
Good luck!
Thank-you for all the replies, the Thomas Cook explorer hotel as suggested by Rugbybabe77 has been booked ideal for for 4 kids and 2 adults, thanks :-)
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