Best ever publicity stunt for a video game?

Found 19th Mar 2009
Sega today placed severed arms holding copies of Madworld around London as a publicity stunt for the video game, which is released on Wii tomorrow.
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were they playable?
and were people allowed to pickup or what? haha.
looks cool though!
Wonder if the copper there was guarding it. Cool souvenier
Good but it doesn't quite beat the stunt where EA (I think) gave away free petrol at a station that had been done up in army camoflage to promote Mercenaries 2.

A huge traffic jam built up and caused all sorts of chaos and the police were called etc. It made the BBC news!
I think Manhunt by Rockstar was a publicity stunt. The game was intended to be so graphically gory that everyone would be like: i wanna play that!!! n go out n buy it.

Unlucky for Rockstar, the games kinda sucked. Poor graphics and boring, repetative gameplay. If it had of pulled off, it would have been great.
ooooooooo i want one
This was way better

]mercenaries 2

This was way better]mercenaries 2

The stunt itself wasn't that amazing, it was the reaction from the public! Still a good stunt - I can't think of any others...
nice stunt
A Cunning Stunt indeed
I think the phrase i'm looking for is "wasting police time"...
I think so too - reckon the copper is there to guard it..
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