Best external disc drive for Samsung N130?? Xmas Presents??

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Found 25th Sep 2010
Any help, much appreciated, I'm looking for an external disc drive for a Samsung Netbook/Notebook N130 for my son for Xmas

Also, any software suitable for a 11 year old whos into designing websites, creating art amongst other things, that sort of thing, thought about getting photoshop but not sure, any advice gratefully received

Also, stuck for ideas for Xmas for him, doesnt need a TV, DVD player, Laptop, PS3, PSP, DSi, Wii, bike, games etc, getting him some games for consoles and Move for PS3 for birthday which leaves me with nothing for Xmas...................


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Sorry, meant disc drive - duh!! Sorry and thanks for replying. Budget maybe about £100, not sure how much they cost

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Total budget for everything about £300

Maplins have an external disc drive foe about £39.99, not sure on any info about it tbh , just seen it in a flyer in paper earlier (_;)

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Thank you both, does it need to be a certain kind for the Samsung. He needs it to install W7 and he wwants to save stuff (no idea what!!) to discs and also I want to buy him some software as above. To be honest I am just stuck for presents so rather than buy him a load of rubbish I just thought one of these and other stuff would be better than buying boxed games, lego, toys etc as he has had them and they are still stuck in wardrobe never played with, hence why I need more ideas for a console/computer mad son.

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Sorry, I am dense, but could he install things with an external hard drive and can he save things on a disc drive? Apologies for stupid questions


Sorry, I am dense, but could he install things with an external hard … Sorry, I am dense, but could he install things with an external hard drive and can he save things on a disc drive? Apologies for stupid questions

lol, other way round i think !........disc drive to play cds, dvds and install windows 7 and also burn stuff to discs , and a external hard drive to store files , pics etc too ! :(_;).......i think anyway

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Thanks, errrrm "burn stuff" ??? I think I need lessons, lol

So it looks like I need both, wish I'd have bought a full size laptop now

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He hasn't got an internal one I don't think *confused*

The Samsung won't have an internal drive as it's a netbook (small, 10 inch screen yes?).

You will need an external DVD drive (can be found typically between £15-50) and any one should work fine, does not need to be a specific one. A quick search on Amazon brings plenty of results (search for external dvd writer under computers and accessories) and there are quite a few Samsung branded drives there so may seem more appealing as you're keeping the same brand and are around £30 such as this one and has very positive reviews.

As for software, if he has a netbook I doubt it is likely to run the likes of Photoshop (image editing) or Dreamweaver (website building)... However, if you are wanting to buy that software, they will set you back a very pretty penny.
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lol photoshop on a netbook would be such a waste of money, tbh i wouldnt waste my time investing in a external disc drive, if i was you i would invest in a proper decent spec laptop to which could be used to run multi applications as you have mentioned such as photoshop and burning files to disc etc, usb data travel will be alot slower reading/writing to disc than sata or ide data travel internally for an internal dvd/cd drive.
a netbook that size is only designed for internet use, the more applications you add to it/the more devices you connect to it then the slower it will preform unless it cost a bomb and has the top dog spec.

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Many thanks for both your replies, very useful. I do think I need to get a proper sized laptop but to be honest couldnt afford one last year and will have to find a decent priced one this year so will keep an eye out. Think buying a netbook was a bad choice as its obvious now he needs something that has everything if that makes sense, or that he can put on it. Him being "small" (young) doesnt always mean he needs something small. well, you live and learn, and so the hunt begins again *sigh*
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