Best external HD for Philips 5960 dvd player?

    Got one of the Philips 5960 DVD bad boys for xmas and need an external HD to play my divx movies... 500gb preferred....suggestions?


    I am looking for one too, to go with my 5960. Great DVD player, specially as mine was £55 at Richer Sounds.

    Maplins have some good deals on hard drives but i am still looking to see if anything cheaper is out there.

    i have the lg dvd it works great with my toshiba 250g hard drive.

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    Please post exact specs of your HD coz there are many types out there.

    I just got delivery of this DVD player. From what I've read, the first thing you need to make sure with any external HD and this DVD player is that it is formatted to FAT32.

    I think there is a thread over on AVForums discussing this same issue. I'll see if I can find it.
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