Best eye cream ?

    can anyone reccomend a really good eye cream or highlighter for dark circles or a good eye firming cream havent used one before so any advice welcome just creeping into 30 s now so thought better start now lol


    waitrose baby bottom butter is supposed to be a great face cream - came top in some survey or other and sold out of all stores for ages. It is lovely as a moisuriser and I'm sure its helping my stretch marks look less noticeable and I'm only doing one side so I can actually see if there is a difference - my own bit of research!

    I would say the Skin Doctors Eyecircle cream is the best I have found to fade dark under eye circles.


    Hope this helps :thumbsup:

    the only eye-cream I've found that really works is La Prairie eye-lift. It is only 250euros (ie over £200) for 15ml - a bargain!!! It does contain caviar, hence the price? But the sample I tried was absolute magic...

    Now looking for a man than can afford to buy it for me!

    Failing that, L'Oreal Plenitude is quite good for the wrinkly bits.

    Vanilla or strawberry! MMMmmmmmm

    EDIT: Sorry just read it I seriously thought you ment Ice Cream :oops: :giggle:

    benfit availiable online or debenhams have good products like one called oh la la lift and one i used called boi-ing is an industrial strength concealer they have few more i forget names

    I use Clinique "all about eyes" and I find that it really helps to brighten dark circles and makes my eyes look less puffy. They do anti aging creams too. Never too early to start, even if you're just in your 30's! :thumbsup:
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