Best FREE 12 month mobile contract?

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My current expensive contract is finally ending and I'm looking for a new contract that works out completely free (after cashback). As far as I am aware e2save is the best website to do cashback deals with and there are a few 12 month free offers at the moment but I'm not sure if any offers with better phones will crop up soon?

I don't need a large amount of minutes/texts, 100 minutes and 200 texts would be more than enough. And although I know I can't expect a high-end mobile for free, I want something that at least looks nice and works well - at the moment I like the Nokia 6300 black but not sure if any better deals with any other phones will come up soon..

Thanks, really appreciate any tips!


quidco -£37.50 cash back
have a look if u prefer a better phone i think u gotta pay a little more

You could try [url]www.mobiles2yourdoor.co.uk[/url]. £55 (I think) back via Quidco. They're part of phones4you.

Just got my first cashback instalment from them on deal taken out last year. Bit slow but no worse than e2save or onestopphoneshop.

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Okay thanks, I'll probably go for the 6300 but do better offers crop up, or is that as bad as it gets?

Offers are not what they used to be. :x

More or less the same phones on 12 month free deals as a year ago. Suppose the mobile operators have cut back their incentive payments. :roll:

You could wait as they sometimes improve at the end of the month - but not always.
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